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      Welcome to DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd!

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      Paoo Hotline 189-2375-2888


      Paoo Lubricant

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      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd
      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd


      Miss Xia:138-2927-9228

      Mr. Zhang:189-2375-2888


      Home Page:www.noagendarecords.com

      Address:Dongguan City, Zhangmutou Town Yufeng Management District

         Boao since 2003 has been committed to the metal processing oil (pure oil cutting oil, water-soluble cutting fluid, etc.), hydraulic oil, rust-proof oil and other industrial lubricants research and development and sales over the years with Bayer, ExxonMobil and other international well-known enterprises to maintain close cooperation in the current iron and steel smelting, heavy machinery, aerospace, automotive, electronics, hardware and other industries have developed the world's leading lubrication products and customers unanimously approved.

      Our products

        Rolling processing oil, metal processing oil, rust protection agent

        Machinery and equipment oil, metal cleaning agents, special grease

      Our quality

        The company in 2006 passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, and in strict accordance with its requirements to implement the sales of products have reached ROSH standards.

      our service

        Lubrication technology training advice lubrication technology improvement program

        Equipment maintenance methods to improve the management of oil products planning

        Oil field experts on-site diagnosis of mechanical damage

        Lubricating oil monitoring analysis mechanical lubrication seal anti - rust

      Our business philosophy

        Quality professional integrity

      Our aim

        And continuously improve product quality to meet the processing needs for customers to reduce production costs at the same time set up a special training team for the Chinese oil industry to cultivate more talent for the community to provide more employment opportunities for people with lofty ideals to create A broader space for development!

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