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      Welcome to DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd!

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      Paoo Lubricant
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      SN 5W-40

      Nano - penetration limit lubrication
      SN 5W-40
      Applicable to automotive and diesel engines
      Service Hotline:0769-87781827

      SN 0W-30 / 5W-40 gasoline engine uses synthetic technology base oil and high-performance additives, in line with the current item-level engine lubricating oil performance, fuel efficiency, reduce friction loss and durability friendliness.

      Performance characteristics

      • From high-quality synthetic base oil supplemented by a variety of high-tech composite additives refined, with excellent overall performance
      • High temperature oxidation resistance of oil, oil viscosity in the use of attenuation is not easy to thin, to extend the engine life
      • Super anti-wear performance, good wear and clean performance, there are suburban protection of the engine
      • Outstanding environmental performance, meet the European IV standard requirements

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        DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd
        National Service Hotline: 400-880-3978/0769-87781837/87781827
        Company Address:Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, South City Plaza, 1601 Huakai
        TEL:0769-21689077   FAX:0769-21689079
        Factory Address: Dongguan City, Zhangmutou Town Yufeng Management District
        TEL:0769-87788877  FAX:0769-87710343
        Home Page: www.noagendarecords.com


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      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd
      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd


      Miss Xia:138-2927-9228

      Mr. Zhang:189-2375-2888


      Home Page:www.noagendarecords.com

      Address:Dongguan City, Zhangmutou Town Yufeng Management District