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      Welcome to DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd!

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      Paoo Lubricant
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      SM 5W-40

      Nano - penetration limit lubrication
      SM 5W-40
      Applicable to automotive and diesel engines
      Service Hotline:0769-87781827

      The SM 5W-30 / 5W-40 is a high performance fully synthetic engine oil that meets the requirements of the current engine grade oil grade APISM to provide excellent lubrication and extreme temperature protection for APISM-class limousines.
      Performance characteristics
      From high-quality synthetic base oil supplemented by a variety of high-tech composite additives refined, with excellent overall performance
      High temperature oxidation resistance of oil, oil viscosity in the use of attenuation is not easy to thin, to extend the engine life
      Super anti-wear performance, good wear and clean performance, there are suburban protection of the engine Outstanding environmental performance, meet the European IV standard requirements


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        DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd
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        Company Address:Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, South City Plaza, 1601 Huakai
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        Factory Address: Dongguan City, Zhangmutou Town Yufeng Management District
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        Home Page: www.noagendarecords.com


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      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd
      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd


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      Home Page:www.noagendarecords.com

      Address:Dongguan City, Zhangmutou Town Yufeng Management District