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      Welcome to DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd!

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      Paoo Lubricant
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      Semi-synthetic cutting fluid CS-8089

      Semi-synthetic cutting fluid CS-8089
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      ◎ traits
      Type of oil Water-soluble (semi-synthetic)
      PH value of 5% Green transparent liquid
      Corrosive (55 ± 2 ℃) 8.0-9.0
      Cast iron 12H qualified
      Copper 12H qualified
      Anti-rust 5% Single 24H qualified
      Cast iron (35 ± 2 ℃) Laminate 24H qualified
      Stability (15-35 ℃) 24H Analysis of soap without
      Analysis of oil without
      package 18L / tank, 200L / barrel
      Ingredients Water-soluble anti-rust agent, oily upward agent, extreme pressure anti-wear agent
      ◎ use, expertise
      ※ The oil is semi-synthetic water-soluble cutting oil, biological stability, non-chlorine, sulfur, phenol, nitrite, in line with environmental requirements, without any adverse effects on the skin. It is suitable for cutting and grinding of ferrous metals, and also for the grinding of stainless steel and alloy steel. Can effectively improve the tool life. 
      ※ anti-rust and corrosion resistance are good.
      ※ is a high-quality water-soluble cutting oil.
      ◎ Recommended concentration:
      ※ Ordinary cutting research grinding 5-8% extreme pressure cutting 8-10%        


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      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd
      DongGuan Paoo Lubricant CO.,Ltd


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