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      High frequency welded pipe processing industry solutions

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      Source of the article:www.noagendarecords.comEditor:Paoo LubricantPopularity:Issuing Time:2020-03-17


      Product Usage

      The oil for the whole synthetic chemical solution, suitable for high-frequency welding process pipe system. And does not contain sulfur, chlorine, phenol, and other substances, in line with environmental requirements.

      Performance characteristics

      • to extend the tool life, improve the workpiece surface finish
      • does not contain sodium nitrite, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine and organic silicon compounds, in line with environmental requirements
      • Good corrosion resistance, long service life, good defoaming performance and excellent cleaning performance.
      • is a high-quality water-soluble metal processing oil. Super cooling and lubrication characteristics
      • good anti-rust properties
      • excellent stability - even in harsh environments, but also resistant to biological decomposition
      • high resistance to effectively prevent waste oil pollution
      • Low odor enhances operator acceptance

      Recommended dilution ratio

      • Ordinary processing of ferrous metals 1: 10-20
      • Pipe processing time 1:20
      • plane, drum, unintentional grinding 1:50

      Typical data

      Appearance light yellow transparent liquid

      Specific gravity @ 20 ° C 0.98

      Four - ball test

      Single-chip anti-rust test (5%) qualified

      PH value @ 5% dilution 9-9.5

      5% Diluent Appearance Clear liquid

       2) anti-rust oil selection and maintenance

      According to your rust-proof steel pipe time I Division to provide you with two rust-proof products, have reached the anti-rust outside the tube for more than 6 months: