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      Copper wire drawing industry solutions

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      Source of the article:www.noagendarecords.comEditor:Paoo LubricantPopularity:Issuing Time:2020-03-17


      Excellent stability of the emulsion: micro-emulsion formula, good solubility, in the course of the use can be effectively inhibited oil, soap and thickening of the phenomenon occurred;
      Maintenance is simple: wide adaptability to water, not because of the high hardness of water and oil appears, nor because the water is too soft and a lot of foam;
      Excellent lubricity: Contains the unique patented lubrication additive EP88, can provide efficient and stable lubrication effect, drawn wire surface brightness is high, no pull marks; to reduce friction between the mold and steel to protect the mold within the smooth, sharp Improve drawing efficiency; and can significantly reduce the drawing energy consumption.
      Excellent oxidation resistance: for the pull out of copper corrosion resistance, storage between the process does not occur when the oxidation discoloration.
      Long life: high-efficient anti-bacterial design mode, effective resistance to bad smell; extended oil change time.